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Cancer is fourth sign of our Zodiac System and is governed by Moon. Astrology forecast for the , the year of the Yellow Earth PIG Modest and Weekly Horoscope 27th Oct to 02nd Nov Jupiter Transit in a nutshell. . Dhanu Rashi Predictions, Sagittarius Moon sign . to

You are likely to feel a sense of restlessness and need to have the freedom to roam, explore horizons and see how far you can go. This might happen at physical, mental or spiritual levels. Gifted with energy and inspiration, you are often able to inspire and uplift others.

Descendant in Sagittarius – Free Sidereal Astrology

You are typically broad-minded and so happy to let everyone live their own lives. Usually, every event is seen as part of a larger, connected whole. You find meaning in patterns and serendipity at every turn. Yet there may also be times where you allow your faith to dwindle.

Your Ascendant is Sagittarius

If you fail to find the answers you seek you can become despondent and cynical in the extreme. You must be careful not to set yourself up for crushing disappointment by setting expectations that are unrealistic or too big to achieve. Added to this, there may also be a tendency toward excess, inflation and overstepping the mark.

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Your exuberance and optimism can sometimes turn to greed, recklessness or a lack of due care. Your tendency to go to extremes goes hand in hand with a belief in your own invincibility and need to push boundaries in terms of what is possible.

It is worthwhile checking in at times to see if you have in fact gone too far — despite the fact that you want to. Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how unconscious patterns undermine your strength.

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Order a Personal Consultation with astrologer Damian Rocks. You need to find your truth on your own terms, and there may be an extended period of searching for the right path, teaching or philosophy to satisfy your quest. You may spend significant chapters of your life travelling or immersed in a particular belief system, exploring ideas and concepts to their broadest level. You are likely to be passionate about the pursuit of knowledge, and so it is important to allow yourself plenty of opportunity to explore new horizons, and broaden your sphere of reference. Once you have found a path that fulfils, you can become so enthusiastic that you want to share with everyone else what you know.

You are eager to teach others what you have learnt. Many excellent teachers have this sign pronounced in their charts. Yet some of you can turn to preaching and even zealotry in your eagerness to share.

The Descendants of Adam and the Secrets of the Zodiac: Sagittarius

There may be times when you go to extremes in your efforts to recruit others to your particular belief system. Care should be taken to extend to others the same intellectual, moral or personal freedom that you require for yourself. In this way, you can manifest the darker side of Sagittarius, trying to co-opt others into agreeing with your version of the truth. Cynical disbelief can be equally vehement as optimistic faith.

In the end you will find that trying to convert others is an ultimately futile preoccupation. With Sagittarius rising, life is best viewed as a quest and adventure. Faith and a positive attitude are your greatest assets. You are likely to approach life in a grand way, excited by possibilities and certain of your right to experience them.

Using your innate gifts of insight and perception gives you the ability to inspire and uplift others, helping them become the best that they can be by lighting the fire of meaning and purpose all around. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within!

What Is A Sun Sign? You are drawn to a very dramatic partner who appears benevolent and full of character. You are drawn to a partner who appears organized and analytical with a wry sense of humor. Your Pisces ascendant might make it difficult for you to understand who you are let alone what you want. It may be that your partner provides a sense of routine or brings you an element of groundedness that is attractive to you. You are drawn to a refined and elegant individual who is charming and graceful.

Your Aries rising can lead you from one adventure to another and your partner may ask just the right questions that lead you to lay down roots. Descendent in Libra describes a committed and loyal partner. You are drawn to a partner who appears very intense and may prod you through deep transformational experiences. Your Taurus rising can make you slow to reveal yourself and a bit rooted in making changes.

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  • You are drawn to a partner who enjoys sports, philosophy and the outdoors. Your Gemini rising can make it difficult for anyone to truly know you and your partner provides just the amount of lightness and lack of routine that appeals to you. Long discussions into the night is suggested by this placement. You are drawn to an ambitious and practical individual who values honesty over intense emotional expression. Your Cancer rising can make you behave like a mother to others and your mate appreciates your stability and desire to provide a comfortable nest. You are drawn to unusual people who help you validate your own uniqueness.

    Astrology - Descendant - SAGITTARIUS

    There may be something unusual about how you approach relationships and your partner appreciates your open minded attitude. You are drawn to sensitive individuals who appreciate the value of family and roots.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    Your desire for routine provides stability for your partner who helps you dig deeper into intimacy where you may often bury your emotions in a highly analytical approach to life. Members Center. Descendant in Aries Ruled by Mars You are drawn to courageous individuals who have no difficulty asserting themselves. Descendant in Taurus Ruled by Venus You are drawn to a stable partner who may be more practical and grounded than your Scorpio rising sign. Descendant in Gemini Ruled by airy Mercury You are drawn to an inquisitive partner who may retain a youthful appearance.

    Descendant in Cancer Ruled by the Moon Your Capricorn ascendant makes you slightly reserved in seeking a partnership and Cancer on the Descendant describes a homebody. Descendant in Leo Ruled by the Sun You are drawn to a very dramatic partner who appears benevolent and full of character.