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Two: when we see Aldebaran in the 6th house, there is a continuing real-time, real-world series of challenges which tests the native with regards to their sense or experience of responsibility, morality, methodology how they get to their goals and willingness to balance the regard for Self with that for others. Three: difficulties in the 6th house or with its native sign, Virgo often manifest in domineering or controlling behaviors, most if not all of which would be difficult to square with Aldebaran.

The combination you describe of opposing placements in an abusive relationship speaks to the natives not having faced their own issues - such energy becoming the metaphysical 'glue' which keeps the relationship going. If he is your enemy, your duty is to your Self: get some help with regards to him and work on your own fears - NO ONE 'deserves' to be abused! So glad I found this blog! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I express gratitude for being led here.

I have a question I hope you can answer. I am trying to find out about royal stars in birth charts- if you have one in your chart only if the degree matches exactly i. I just picked 5 but I'm wondering if it could be as little as 2 or as much as ten if there is a "cusp" at all.

Thank you. Happy to help So if you're using Ptolemaic "standard" aspects, a conjunction has a 5-degree orb whether it's between two planets, a planet and an asteroid - or a planet, dwarf planet, node, asteroid or TNO to any given fixed star, be it royal or otherwise. Conjunctions get 5 degree orbs plus or minus , sextiles get 3 degree orbs plus or minus , squares and trines both get 5 degree orbs plus or minus and oppositions get 5 degrees plus or minus of orb.

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Semi-sextiles and inconjuncts aka quincunxes are not considered 'standard' aspects or at least they weren't when I was learning astrology! Does that scratch the quest-for-knowledge itch of your moment? It certainly helps!

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  • And opens up a whole new can of worms.. I'll be more specific I'm wanting to know for my own birth chart.. If a Royal star is at 09 degrees Gemini and my Sun is at 05 degrees Gemini would you personally consider that Star to be in my chart? I should have mentioned that I am very new yet learning and understanding very quickly the "technical" aspects of astrology. All charts contain all stars. That said, we don't all exhibit any conscious connection to every star in our chart as they don't all appear in positions where they will be aspected by planets, cusps, dwarf planets or nodes.

    When ANY star, asteroid, planet, node, dwarf planet, centaur or otherwise is within 5 degrees of your Gemini Sun which would be between 0 Gemini and 10 Gemini it is indeed conjunct your Sun. On the other hand, the point which is 6 degrees from Fomalhaut which is currently at 4 Pisces would NOT be in conjunction with Fomalhaut as six degrees is outside the Ptolemaic standard aspect orb.

    Important Fixed Stars

    As for Archangels, there are those who associate fixed stars - in particular, the Royal stars do have a particularly 'fated' quality which people associate with the attributes of that star, most likely because all four of the Royal Stars in popular use in astrology promise success in terms of that which aspects it when we honor the instruction to avoid a particular human attribute, a concept which parallels the idea of holding us to face some temptation and to do the right thing anyway. It sounds like you're doing fine - keep studying!

    Great information!

    Aldebaran and Antares Stars of Power and War

    Thank you so much! I'm learning! Since fixed stars are fixed I can assume that it hasn't moved 2 degrees in the 37 years since I've been born. Fomahault moving into 4 degrees Pisces from 3 degrees aside So disappointing to find conflicting info! But a wonderful lesson! Hey there! And when I called the article you were reading up and scouted through it, I'm guessing it's a bit old simply because I spotted it also listing Spica at 23 Libra, and Spica moved into 24 Libra as of January 12, So I'm guessing this article is at least from I didn't see a date of its posting it could just have evaded me - and it could be that it's a reprint, with someone just forgetting to update the data.

    How to work with the fixed stars in astrological chart

    That, alas, does happen, despite best efforts! In any case, fixed stars do move - they just move slowly. The term came from back in a day when the 'fixed' stars were known as fixed in comparison with objects those ancients thought of as 'wandering stars' - those 'wanderers' now being the things we know as planets. Make sense? And yes, you are learning! Good for you! I'm happy to help, and you're always welcome to post questions or comments here or on the astroPPM Facebook page.

    Aldebaran (Tascheter) the Watcher of the East. | The Classical Astrologer

    So be not conflicted Having now had something to eat, I have returned to go back to the aspect issue: If your Saturn is at 24 Leo, as the standard Ptolemaic orb of conjunction aspect is 5 degrees plus or minus , anything between 19 Leo and 29 Leo is conjunct your Saturn. Therefore: if you were born before which I suspect you were that would mean your Regulus is at least at 29 Leo, if not 28 Leo don't knock it - I happen to like my Regulus! And since natal charts are like metaphysical 'fingerprints,' the effect of that natal conjunction will always be part of your life and personal considerations.

    Will the text and texture of what you meet up with in this life 'department' change? Sure - as both Saturn and Regulus move or as anything aspects 24 Leo and the position of your natal Regulus , matters, efforts, adventures and lessons will grow, shift, start, stop - and all the rest. But that's natural: you're still facing new challenges even if they aren't the same challenges you were meeting up with when you were a wee toddler of five. The 'theme' of the natal chart remains, however we confront that 'theme' - more or less knowledgeably - as we move through life.

    Hope this helps - catch up with me here or on Facebook if you get stuck again. And much happy astro-studying! As Regulus is currently at 0 Virgo and was at 29 Leo for decades prior to its moving into Virgo in , it is indeed close enough to your 26 Leo Mars to be considered in conjunction both natally and in terms of its current position. As for Venus conjuncting Regulus, the 'standard' rules apply However: you also have to be aware of your Sun and whatever may affect it as the Sun rules Leo. Plus there is the rule which states the ruler of the house in which your Regulus and Venus are placed i.

    Cheers to you too - happy holidays! Congratulations for the article! How can i find where is my aldebaran star?

    Ancient and Traditional Astrology

    I've listed several places where you can get a chart for free online in the sidebar - - a couple of those should be able to get you the specifics of your Aldebaran placement as part of that chart. But the generals? Those are easy as Aldebaran like all fixed stars does not move all that quickly. So here is the rough data: Aldebaran moved into 10 Gemini where it is currently in Before that, it was in 9 Gemini between and and in 8 Gemini between and Hope that helps!

    Ottoman miniatrure from the 17th century. Istanbul University Library. A friend of mine emailed asking about the Royal Stars of Persia. So I decided to write a series of blogs on the subject. Of said series, this would be Part One.

    There are several dozen so-called 'stars of Persia,' those being the brightest stars in the skies of ancient Babylon. Bottom line, the 'all' part hasn't been solved. But that four of them are considered "royal"? That's established. They're something akin to astrological 'compass points,' if you will. Yes, there are those astrologers who never use fixed stars and who will never used fixed stars. They weren't. Been there, blogged that.