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Cancer is fourth sign of our Zodiac System and is governed by Moon. Astrology forecast for the , the year of the Yellow Earth PIG Modest and Weekly Horoscope 27th Oct to 02nd Nov Jupiter Transit in a nutshell. . Dhanu Rashi Predictions, Sagittarius Moon sign . to

This is a rather risky connection and unhappy marriage. Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope. Gemini and Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope. Gemini and Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope. Gemini and Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope. Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility Horoscope.

Sex with a Gemini

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Horoscopes for Gemini. Comments: Gemini Compatibility Horoscope. Klynn I am a 50 yr old Gemini female.


We could lock ourselves away, it would not matter. The other signs would find fault. Sad Sad. Rocky I was in love with a cancer woman, We both loved truly , we made sacrifices on mutual agreement. But my dual character made me hurt her a lot when i get anger over petty issues and misunderstandings because of me, she walked away. Will it work again if I try for her. Paul One way to keep most women is to show small acts of love. If you put in your calendar several monthly events that are kinda small that show her how much you love her.

Preplan what you will do for her, do not tell, pour yourself out like a drink offering. Watch the results. Good Luke. After two years of marriage she would say, "You know, Stephen, what really pisses me of is that I have no idea who I'm going to wake up next to in the morning. Branz Hi guys. Dan So glad to hear it. I'm a Gemini man who is growing increasingly attracted to a Pisces woman. What you described is what I hope for, but so many are quick to dismiss Gemini Pisces pairings.

Myself included until I met this one. All the best, hope you found the one. Wish me luck. JM I am a gemini girl and my husbang is a pieces. I am happy to hear that you are having a fantastic time together. I don't. I don't know what to do now with my marriage but I do want to make it work.

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I do love him so much but it seems that we aren't compatible at all. Ashley Thta's me and my boyfriends to and were like this to a point but were happy and we have trust. Soniial Don't date scorpio I dated one for 6 years and I just had to change my attitude and that's not what I wanted. He wants to control the things we do, is a needy oCD freak, the ups of the relationship was that I can tell him any problem and he was very smart and open minded on giving me advice also isn't afraid to tell it how it is but that's not for me I need me an Aquarius man that can make me laugh or a sagg man, they are powerful, and good cooks lol, or a daredevil Leo who is willing to try new things together.

My past relationship was with a cancer and it kind of just faded.

The Gemini Man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

I've never dated an earth sight so I wouldn't know that isle. I am a gem cusp with cancer. Arless My girl is an Aries and we are are both work alcoholics nothing is better in the bed room I want to love her over and over again I can not get enough of her. Lola I'm a scorpio female and this Germiny guy has been with me for 13yrs now, no sex cause I couldn't say yes to his advances but told him we could only be friends. He still loves, care and adore me and whenever I need him he's always there and he still says he want to marry me.

Right now I've started feeling different for him.

Best Matches

Never have I been loved by anyone like he loves me. Pls germiny guys what must I do? I really wish to love him back. Dave Love him with all your heart and he will return it forever. T like.. Amanda I am a Gemini I have been dating a Capricorn for 9 months now he is strick, on a schedule, lived day by day doing nothing new. But since we have been together I have got him to lighten up, do unexpected things. He has got me to clam down. I think based on us that our signs helps each other out by far the best relationship i been in..

Gemini in Love - Sign Compatibility - The Love Queen

Jasmine I'm a Gemini female. Some of these pairs are questionable. Alexandria I'm a gemini and I'm dating an Aquarius, but we keep on having endless arguments and he's a big migraine. Should I hold on or let it go? Kiki I'm a Gemini and I'm dating a Taurus n we have been dating for a year n all I can say is its nothing but endless arguments about trust she is a headache but I love her but I'm wondering if I should stay or go. Melody Any sign can go with any sign, it just takes compromise I've seen people who signs are compatible break up and people who signs are not compatible stay till death do them part OahuGem Awesome post!

Gemini Love Compatibility

I'm a Gemini girl and yes I fit some of the clichs associated with the Sun sign I concur. As of right now, things must move slowly but once we are able to have each other, it will be forever. No doubt. It's the best partnership ever. Dreya I am a Gemini woman and my husband is Pisces.

Everything Ive read about these two sings is NOT so true! I fell inlove with my Pisces man ever since our first kiss literally.. You're compatible Air signs with silver tongues and gilded wings, a magical match indeed. Libra is a pretty pixie and Gemini is an impish sprite.